Air plants wholesale

air plants wholesale

Tillandsia wholesale

If you want to get out of the ordinary and usual gardening, one of the most amazing plants we can grow is the Tillandsia genus. We are talking about air plants, and not because you can grow them in a hanging pot, but because there are some varieties of this genus that are capable of living without the need for soil.

The Tillandsia genus is vast, and in it we find truly spectacular species where some of them are capable of living in holes within the bark of trees.

At the level of domestic and ornamental gardening, one of the best known species are

  • Argentea
  • Velutina
  • Brachycaulos Multiflora
  • Butzii
  • Capitata Peach
  • Caput Medusae
  • Fasciculata
  • Ionantha 
  • Ionantha Rubra
  • Kolbii
  • Juncea
  • Juncifolia
  • Magnusiana
  • Melanocrater Tricolor
  • Oaxacana
  • Circinnata
  • Punctulata Green
  • Punctulata Red
  • Seleriana
  • Sphareocephala
  • Spanish Moos

Shipping box size 20″ x  15″ x  10″ Maximum amount depending on the type and age of plants 50-1000 units per box.

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